Allison Lacher
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Left: No Diving! in collaboration with Jeff Robinson, installation detail, mixed media, 2016

"No Diving!"
Installation in collaboration with Jeff Robinson
Roman Susan
Chicago, Illinois
Opens Sunday, June 12
Exhibition runs June 25 through July 25

"You Are Looking Good, A Real Good Looker"
Co-curated by Alison Lacher and Cole Lu
Fort Gondo
St. Louis, Missouri
October 2016

"I'm Here for Pets"
Exhibition in collaboration with Jeff Robinson
The Ski Club
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Opens Saturday, June 25

"Sky Parlor"
Installation in collaboration with Jeff Robinson
Urbana, Illinois
Opens Saturday, October 1

Curated by Sage Dawson
The Luminary
St. Louis, Missouri
One-night-only event on Thursday, April 28
Exhibiting artists include Alex Lukas, Imin Yeh, Garry Noland, Emily Belshaw, Amanda Bowles, Amze Emmons, Jose Garza, Katherine Miller, Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky, Allison Lacher, J Myszka Lewis, Joey Borovicka, Addoley Dzegede, Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler, Kate McQuillen, R.L. Tillman, and Adrienne Outlaw.